The Russian Union of Street Theaters and Artists took part in the international conference
Fresh Street
May 23-25, 2019

In May 2019 The Russian Union of Street Theaters and Artists (TRUSTA) took part in the international conference Fresh Street, which was held in Ireland for three days.
The trip to the conference was held thanks to the support of the The Union of Theater Workers of the Russian Federation.
For the third time Fresh Street brought together all those interested in the development of modern Street theater — festival organizers, producers, directors, and artists.
Sergey Korsakovis a philosopher, creator, Cardboardia's tyrant and initiator of the creation of TRUSTA. He spoke about the work of the union at the Fresh Street#3. For TRUSTA participation in the conference is a way to join the European theater community and the opportunity to join the Circostrada, which unites the best European theater and circus groups.
Russian street theaters become closer to the entry
into the European theatrical context.

One of the mobile objects carried by the participants of the procession was the dome of the Church. It was created by artists Mark Hill and Mandy Blinco. They inspired by the history of Russian and Eastern architecture.
Usually, the participants of the conference give a number of reports, interesting and not so much. During some presentations, the audience even can sleep, but Fresh Street #3 was held in a completely new format and did not leave boredom a single chance. The organizers of Fresh Street #3 Lucy Medlycott, Irish Street Arts, Circus & Spectacle Network and the Circostrada team took the liberty to abandon the standard rules.

Team of Organizers was able to turn conference into a big interactive immersive performance lab. There were reports, songs, and even a report- procession in which all listeners unexpectedly took part.

The showcase of LUX theater was a celebration for the Galwayresidents. Theatrical procession and performances were seen not only by potential customers and organizers of festival. The whole city became at the same time a theatrical platform and an auditorium.
The second day of conference took place outdoors. Stroll around the island includes meetings where participants freely communicated, exchanged ideas, discussed future joint projects. Irish Street Art, Circus & Spectacle Network added performances to the program of the day, one of which was prepared for a month specifically for Fresh Street #3. Meetings and performances continued on the third day of the conference, even the final speech of the organizers turned into a spectacular performance.

«This time I visited Fresh Street to share our initiative to create the Russian Union of Street Theaters and Artists. I hope we can join Circostrada and become active participants of the international theater community. Participation in such events is an attempt to understand what modern Europe is (from a cultural point of view).

I have attended about thirty international conferences and have never seen anything like that. The organizers risked so radically changing the format of the event, but they managed to create something new — a unique holiday for all conference participants and local residents. It inspires me, because the TRUSTA is also trying to implement many ideas to approach which previously no one dared.

And, of course, thanks to the The Union of Theatrical Figures of the Russian Federation for supporting my trip in the framework of the "Art baggage"! I hope for the development of cooperation and support in this direction».

Sergey Korsakov
Cardboardia's tyrant